Feeling Electric

May 10, 2011

Yes. The answer is a clear and enthusiastic (and super moisturizing) yes.

Yes, you can use our shaving oil with an electric razor. Though I’m partial to a traditional razor, often imagining myself — if I were to ever come back in the body of a hirsute gentleman — fearlessly shaving with a straight razor, I understand the appeal of the electric. It’s safe, it’s clean, it’s rechargeable.

Using shaving oil as a pre-electric shave conditioner softens the hair and helps the blades move over the skin with minimal friction (and minimal pulling and tugging). Shave oil also moisturizes the skin.

If that’s not a hair removal win-win, I’m not sure what is.

Happy spring shaving,


Scuttle on the Brain

March 7, 2011

Dirty Bird Pottery

I’ve got a scuttle on the brain.

Last week I knew nothing of this contraption. This week I’m all the wiser.

My shaving buddy, KiltedShaver (check out his super cool collection of vintage shaving goods) shared his experiences using a hand-crafted scuttle and now I’m obsessing about the humble scuttle — admiring it’s anachronistic¬†qualities and putting it at the top of gift lists for the men in my life who have everything.

I will confess that I had to look up the exact function of a scuttle. The word alone brings up images of farm machinery or kitchen utensils (“hey, grab that scuttle and flip the pancakes please”). In actuality, the scuttle is a prized tool for the wet shaver, who fills it with hot water for his daily shave — most likely with a straight razor.

Dirty Bird Pottery makes a gorgeous midnight blue scuttle with berry red accenting (pictured). So lovely, in fact, that I could see said scuttle living a severely underused life on my bookshelf.

- Marisa


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