Today, we’re kicking off a new Q & A series where we ask regular, everyday shavers why they do what they do. Shaving is different for everybody and we want to know what works for you.

And for you.

We’re keeping it quick and easy — three minutes is all it takes.


Name: Eric Hilcoff

What’s your occupation? PGA Travel Coordinator

What does that entail, exactly? I handle the travel arrangements for the golfers on the PGA tour.

How often do you shave? I shave a couple times a week because I have to be somewhat clean-shaven for work. It ends up being two to three times a week.

Shaving regimen: I shave always shave in the shower and if I miss a spot I catch up at the sink.

Hardware/Software: When I’m on the road, I use a regular razor and the Shaving Oil [Pacific Shaving’s All Natural Shaving Oil]. I’ve been using it for years. The little bottle makes it easy to pack.

How do you shave?

– Marisa

I’m trying to figure out how to slip this little number onto my wish list:

Hair India: A Guide to the Bizarre Beards and Magnificent Moustaches of Hindustan

This is the next generation of coffee table book. A comprehensive tour of the wildly hirsute men of India by Richard McCallum — author and pogonologist — and Chris Stowers, renowned international photographer.

Amazon claims that the book is currently out of stock — and of course it is. This is good stuff. But I’m sure it can be found with a bit of creative hunting. I’m going to start looking now.

- Marisa


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