Scuttle on the Brain

March 7, 2011

Dirty Bird Pottery

I’ve got a scuttle on the brain.

Last week I knew nothing of this contraption. This week I’m all the wiser.

My shaving buddy, KiltedShaver (check out his super cool collection of vintage shaving goods) shared his experiences using a hand-crafted scuttle and now I’m obsessing about the humble scuttle — admiring it’s anachronistic qualities and putting it at the top of gift lists for the men in my life who have everything.

I will confess that I had to look up the exact function of a scuttle. The word alone brings up images of farm machinery or kitchen utensils (“hey, grab that scuttle and flip the pancakes please”). In actuality, the scuttle is a prized tool for the wet shaver, who fills it with hot water for his daily shave — most likely with a straight razor.

Dirty Bird Pottery makes a gorgeous midnight blue scuttle with berry red accenting (pictured). So lovely, in fact, that I could see said scuttle living a severely underused life on my bookshelf.

- Marisa


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