This top-five list has me thinking — are these products all a guy needs to enter the world well-groomed each day?

What about a natural deodorant or a reliable post-shave moisturizer?

What about whitening toothpaste or dental floss or an effective body wash?

The Art of Manliness has quite a different take on a man’s top five grooming essentials.

Gold Bond. Hmmm.

What products are mainstays in your bathroom?

We want to know!

- Marisa

As a New Yorker, slow is not my forte. I walk fast, talk fast, type fast (75 wpm. uh huh). I’m fast. But I’d like to be slow. It’s a goal . . . a dream, really. I want to breathe deep, stop to smell the roses, smile at passersby.

To aid my ambition, I’m exploring slow things. Like Slow Food. This is one movement I can definitely get into: eating supremely tasty food that’s grown in a way that respects the environment and fosters community.

What’s not to like?

And now, I’m thinking about slow shaving. Blogger Jesse Jacobs, founder of Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco — tea is inherently slow, no? — has kick started a slow shaving movement. He invites you to take the rush out of your daily shave and instead 1) Start with Gratitude and 2) Witness the Whiskers. The list goes on from there.

Now, I’m slowly figuring out  how to decrease the pace of my own shaving, wondering if Jacobs’ technique can be applied to legs and underarms.

- Marisa

30 days to a greener life!

We are really proud to be part of Project Green Challenge, an incredible initiative empowering young people to shift the way they live their lives — in just 30 days.

Each day, PGC presents participants with a challenge — to change the way they use precious resources or to reconsider a habitual way of doing something.

We challenge people everywhere to reconsider the way they shave: to think about the life of their razor blades; to consider the ingredients used in their shaving products and to look at the packaging used to house those products. It’s easier than ever to green your daily shave.

We can help.

Happy, Happy Earth Day

It’s Earth Day.

Let’s celebrate with an eco-friendly shave session that will make the planet blush with pride.

The gear: two-blade razor kept super sharp with regular application of blade oil.
The eco-benefit: Consistently sharp razor equals a longer blade life, which equals less dull blades dumped in the garbage/landfill.

The product: shave oil or cream made from natural and organic ingredients. Think sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, tangerine peel oil, shea butter …
The eco-benefit: naturally derived ingredients are better for you, sure, but they’re also better for the planet. Every personal care product we use eventually goes down the drain and moves into the earth and our water supply.

Extra eco points:

** turn off the tap while shaving and save gallons and gallons of a most useful resource. Running water will not help you navigate around a blemish or sculpt your sideburns. Trust me. It won’t.

** choose shaving products housed in minimal packaging (read: skip the bulky aluminum can) and look for those that can be easily recycled.

Getting greener,


Today, we’re kicking off a new Q & A series where we ask regular, everyday shavers why they do what they do. Shaving is different for everybody and we want to know what works for you.

And for you.

We’re keeping it quick and easy — three minutes is all it takes.


Name: Eric Hilcoff

What’s your occupation? PGA Travel Coordinator

What does that entail, exactly? I handle the travel arrangements for the golfers on the PGA tour.

How often do you shave? I shave a couple times a week because I have to be somewhat clean-shaven for work. It ends up being two to three times a week.

Shaving regimen: I shave always shave in the shower and if I miss a spot I catch up at the sink.

Hardware/Software: When I’m on the road, I use a regular razor and the Shaving Oil [Pacific Shaving’s All Natural Shaving Oil]. I’ve been using it for years. The little bottle makes it easy to pack.

How do you shave?

– Marisa

Unplug from the Matrix

November 16, 2010

Schick Quattro

Ever read something that causes you to jump out of your chair and shout, “yeah!” at the top of your lungs?

Me too.

The source of today’s cheer is “The Shaving Racket — How Are Gillette and Schick Getting Away with Ripoff Razors?” by Scott Thill.

Check this (I dare you not to respond with a hearty “wooohooo!!”):

“The official unemployment rate has held over 9.5 percent for over a year, and those are the baked numbers. Real unemployment numbers are higher. Consumers are having to pull back on the goods they used to gobble like pills. Five-blade razors with colored plastic grips, sold separately (and some argue exorbitantly) from replacement razors, suddenly seem like surrealism. But it’s more like consumption stripped of marketing: You use a razor to shave things. It’s not rocketry. You just unplugged from the matrix, which demands dumb hyperconsumption.”

I want to take Scott Thill to lunch. I want to shower his home in Blade Oil — proven to slow the effects of oxidation and extend blade life by up to 95%. I want to tell him that, yes, yes, yes, men (and women) everywhere can free themselves from the grip of  the overpriced, multi-blade hype.


- Marisa


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