It just goes to show – you can’t rush the act of shaving.

I gave myself a really nasty shaving cut this morning while trying to do a speed shave. Ouch. However, it gave me an opportunity to actually demonstrate just how well the Nick Stick works! The lengths I’ll go to prove the efficacy of Pacific Shaving products…


Our good friend Mantic59 is the king of awesome shaving videos. And his shaving site, Sharpoligist is full of interesting facts and tips about traditional wet shaving.

Here, he offers 11 — I love that it’s 11 — tips on managing pesky nicks and cuts.

Our Nick Stick is included under “spot treatments.”

Thanks, Mantic!

- Marisa

It’s official. Men want to look pretty too.

From Elizabeth Holmes, recent Wall Street Journal article (“Dude, pass the exfoliator”) to will Arnett and Jason Bateman’s sure-to-be-hilarious upcoming movie Mansome, even the mainstream media is aware of this booming segment within personal care.

Sara Moosman, a category management advisor for Cardinal Health recently published some data on men’s grooming trends based on recent survey data supplied by Hamacher Resource Group that really reinforce the notion that men are increasingly searching out and using products that will make them feel younger. And if they are reluctant to admit it, their wallets certainly will.

Consider the statistics:

  • Worldwide, men now spend $7.3 billion on grooming.
    This is growing at twice the rate of women’s grooming sales.
  • 32% of men have a separate set of grooming products for traveling to the gym, work trips, etc.
  • 50% of all male consumers are new to the category each year; This is HUGE growth.

Men are also taking a more proactive approach in purchasing. Gone are the days of “Honey, will you please pick up some shaving cream for me?” For example, 80% of all men’s hair color purchases are made by men. (Women – you can decide for yourselves if this is a good thing or not…)

In the past year:

  • 97% of men reportedly use deodorant
  • 79% of men have used a body wash in the last month
  • 60% of men have used a facial cleanser in the last month
  • 44% of men have used a body bar in the last month
  • 59% of men have had an incidence of razor burns, nicks, ingrown hairs, and cuts related to shaving in the past year.
    [To those we respectfully offer our Nick Stick and Pre-Shave Exfoliating Wash…]


Each time we embark on a new product development cycle here at Pacific Shaving Company, my wife reminds me, in as kind a manner as possible, not to over-complicate it when it comes to men. “Keep it simple,” is her mantra. (I try not to take offense.)

And, as usual, she’s right. Data shows that ‘easy to use’ is among the attributes men are increasingly seeking in products they purchase.

Our company’s unofficial position has become “If you need to put ‘direction for use’ on your shaving creams or after-shaves, you’ve over-complicated things.”


There’s nothing like streamlining your to-do list. Really, what’s better than compressing your errands into one trip, ticking off your must-dos with one multi-tasking can-do?

Need milk? Bread? Eggs? Shaving cream?

That sweet spot where groceries meet the best in shaving products can now be found at ShopRite — the grocery emporium that’s been around since 1951.

We are super proud that our All Natural Shaving Cream and Nick Stick are now available at your local ShopRite!

We invite you to take care of your shaving needs while stocking up on dinner supplies. It’s never been so easy.

- Marisa

Today, as I prepared to hustle around town crossing last-minute gifts off my list, I decided to change my approach to this now yearly ritual. Instead of slinking away in shame, mumbling something about “running a quick errand or two,” I owned my slacker ways, admitting calmly and cooly that I had a few more gifts to pick up before the big day. No, I wouldn’t be buying extra candy canes for the tree. No, I wouldn’t be picking up the mozzarella for the antipasto. I would be running around looking for something special to stuff the stockings, something grand to gift.

I highly recommend this approach. If you plan to sneak away on Christmas Eve under the guise of something other than 24th hour present purchasing, come clean — and stay focused. Think easy, think different, think practical. If they’re past puberty give them all the gift of a stellar shave. Nick Sticks in the stockings, All Natural Shaving Cream and All Natural Shaving Oil under the tree. Blade Oil for the dude who thinks he has everything.

Visit our store locator at for a retailer near you.

Happy last minute shopping and Merry Christmas to all!

- Marisa


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