Best Laid Plans…

October 21, 2010

I snapped this photo at my local pub in San Francisco last fall and it seems to come up in my screen saver disproportionately often considering the thousands of pictures of my kids that take up most of my hard drive.

And every time it does, it simultaneously frustrates me and makes me laugh.

As a career marketer and now entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time – and I mean a lot of time – thinking about how to encourage people to think differently when it comes to choosing the products they use to shave every day.

In the retail world, this means point of sale marketing that needs to be compelling, concise, and properly merchandised. The “properly merchandised” piece is where it always seems to fall apart.

Somewhere, some food/beverage retail marketing director is laughing. or crying.

(Give up? The Patron Tequila bar mats are supposed to face the customers, not the bartenders.)



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