Remember who won the Grammy for best new artist in 2003?
Or who won the Oscar for best director in the same year?

Neither do I.

Which is why I thought it was fun to dig up this old SymphonyIRI report showing the 2003-2004 ‘New Product Pacesetters’ list.

According to the Symphony Group, to qualify for IRI’s 2003-2004 New Product Pacesetters list, a brand must have been introduced between February 2003 and January 2004, so that it had a full 52 weeks of sales data by December 2004 after achieving 30% ACV distribution. Brands must also achieve at least $7.5 million in retail sales in the Food, Drug and Mass channels, excluding Wal-Mart (FDMx) in their first year, as measured via IRI’s InfoScan® Reviews service.

Pacesetters include entirely new brands or new brand extensions but do not include item or UPC level, flavor or package size introductions. Each Pacesetter’s benefits are determined from a personal review of packaging aided by free-standing insert advertising, other ads, and manufacturer information available on their websites or the product itself.

How many of these do you remember/are still around??


1. Breyer’s CarbSmart
2. Pepsi Vanilla
3. Diet Coke with Lime
4. Sprite Remix
5. Yoplait Nouriche
6. Smirnoff Twisted V
7. Healthy Choice Flavor Adventures
8. Nabisco Ritz Chips
9. Dannon Light ‘n Fit Carb Control
10. Mountain Dew Livewire


1. Prilosec OTC
2. Crest Whitestrips Premium
3. Schick Intuition
4. Schick Quattro
5. Crest Whitening Expressions
6. L’Orėal Dermo Expertise
7. Crest Night Effects
8. Mucinex
9. Olay Regenerist
10. Tylenol 8 Hour

What a yawn of a year for Grocery and Drug stores. Not exactly the ‘year of innovation…’

On the other hand it as the year Pacific Shaving Company launched its first product – our All Natural Shaving Oil (Which btw, even in 2012 won the Delicious Living Award for Best Men’s Product, thankyouverymuch.)

Oh, and in case you were wondering…
2003 Grammy for Best New Artist: Norah Jones
2003 Oscar for Best Director: Roman Polanski

Unplug from the Matrix

November 16, 2010

Schick Quattro

Ever read something that causes you to jump out of your chair and shout, “yeah!” at the top of your lungs?

Me too.

The source of today’s cheer is “The Shaving Racket — How Are Gillette and Schick Getting Away with Ripoff Razors?” by Scott Thill.

Check this (I dare you not to respond with a hearty “wooohooo!!”):

“The official unemployment rate has held over 9.5 percent for over a year, and those are the baked numbers. Real unemployment numbers are higher. Consumers are having to pull back on the goods they used to gobble like pills. Five-blade razors with colored plastic grips, sold separately (and some argue exorbitantly) from replacement razors, suddenly seem like surrealism. But it’s more like consumption stripped of marketing: You use a razor to shave things. It’s not rocketry. You just unplugged from the matrix, which demands dumb hyperconsumption.”

I want to take Scott Thill to lunch. I want to shower his home in Blade Oil — proven to slow the effects of oxidation and extend blade life by up to 95%. I want to tell him that, yes, yes, yes, men (and women) everywhere can free themselves from the grip of  the overpriced, multi-blade hype.


- Marisa


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