I know you’re not asking for much: a relatively pain-free, close and comfortable shave.

STOP. Here’s your problem already: like most people, you are probably confusing a “close” shave with a “comfortable” shave.

The secret to a close shave is in the hardware and the hardware only: use a decent razor.

It doesn’t need to be expensive and it doesn’t need to have six blades. In fact, many dermatologists will tell you that three, four, five+ blades aren’t necessary and potentially provide diminishing returns. Those millions and millions of dollars spent advertising shaving products: they are all selling a close shave. But the truth is, it’s pretty easy to get a close shave. If you have a steady hand and aren’t rushed for time, you can even do it with a rock.

The secret to a comfortable shave however is in the software: It’s what you put on your skin.

The products you put on your skin (your body’s largest organ, don’t forget) before, during and after the deed are the very things that get you through the 24 hours in between shaves with skin that stays healthy, looks and feels great, and protects against harsh environmental elements.

You don’t need a long regimen for a close shave. No lather-warmer or hot towels necessary. Regardless of the products you choose to use, here are a few common sense steps to get you on your way to a comfortable shave:

  1. Clean your skin before you shave. Exceptionally clean skin prepares your face for an exceptionally smooth shave.
    Choosing a skin cleanser with a gentle exfoliant will help remove dead skin cells and lift whiskers. (An ounce of prevention here is worth a pound of cure here when it comes to ingrowns.)
  2. Use a shaving cream or oil that is moisturizing and free of harsh chemicals.
    Stay away from alcohol, menthol or other drying ingredients. They might feel tingly, but they are sucking moisture out of your skin. (When your foot falls asleep it feels tingly too, but don’t you feel better when the circulation is there?)
  3. Use a post-shave moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple.
    I know you want to be done after you rinse of the last bit of shaving cream or oil, but take the extra step to moisturize afterward. This doesn’t require reeking of Irish Mist, Morning Dew or a men’s locker room the rest of the day. Something light, free of harsh chemicals and moisturizing is all you need.

Voila! A comfortable shave.

PS: You already look five years younger. Seriously, I’m not just saying that. You do.


One of the most interesting parts of running a personal care products company is speaking with customers and learning about their standard primping routine, especially when it comes to shaving. The advice I receive often varies—and even contradicts at times. But one thing is clear: there is no shortage of it. It seems that when it comes to shaving, everyone has at least one great tip or ‘lesson-learned’ to share.

So a few years ago, we set out to compile a world-class list (for shavers, by shavers) of how, when, where or with what to shave. We reached out online and the response was overwhelming. We received hundreds of responses from men and women and after months of reviewing and editing, we’ve narrowed it down (sort of) to this pdf guide: 125 Tips for a Better Shave.

As you’ll see, standard tenets of shaving came through (“try to shave in or after the shower”), while others contradicted (“Shave against the grain for a closer shave”; “Never shave against the grain”). Still others, while odd, seemed to just make good, common sense (“never in a moving car.”)

For some it’s a chore. For others, it’s an enjoyable morning routine. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you’re sure to find at least one practical gem in this report. After all, here at Pacific Shaving Company, we’re all about practical. We don’t believe that anyone really needs high-tech shaving systems. We promote practical products, simple packaging and quality ingredients that get the job done—and even make the process enjoyable.


There are some botanicals that are just plain magical. Like argan oil.

This stuff is where it’s at.

Born from the kernels of the argan tree — native to Moroco — argan oil is prized for its supreme moisturizing qualities. Packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it breathes new life into dry skin and other parched body parts like cuticles and hair.

And it’s safe for all skin types. Yes, even oily, acne-prone skin will benefit from this oil’s lightweight touch.

I’ve used argan oil alone and found it to absorb quickly and easily, putting it at the top of my go-to moisturizers. So, I was super excited to learn that argan is part of the stellar list of ingredients that make up our new Daily Moisturizer.

Nothing like adding a shot of anti-aging, hyper-moisturizing goodness to your shaving routine.

- Marisa

Moisture Maximization

December 16, 2011

For years I’ve been puzzling over a simple, but very real conundrum: how to keep my just-shaved skin soft and smooth all day; how to maintain that supple, baby-butt sensation through the wear and tear of everyday living.

It seems my problem has been solved . . . and then some.

Leave it to the minds behind the ultimate shave to create the ultimate coordinating moisturizer. This stuff is the real deal — light, super hydrating and subtly scented (men, this means never again leaving the bathroom in a cloud of “morning rain” or “Irish fields”).

You can use this moisturizer anywhere you shave while ingredients like green tea and acai fruit extract deliver antioxidants for increasingly healthy skin.

Moisture maximization!

- Marisa


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