Despite my own unruly head of hair, I feel an uncanny connection to my bald(ing) brethren. Even before bald ambassadors like Bruce Willis and Kelly Slater (above — looking goooood) stood up for the cause, I’ve always held a special place for the guys who show some scalp.

Seems as if the world is finally catching up. In a recent article, The Wall Street Journal touted the benefits of embracing bald: “a man’s shaved head—whether it’s to-the-skin or with slight stubble—can suggest a sigh-inspiring combination of intellectual depth and machismo,” says WSJ reporter Christina Brinkley.

Now deep in the world of shaving, my respect for head shavers has grown even more. The do may look low maintenance, but it requires the right razor, the best shaving cream or oil and a skilled touch.

Go bald!

- Marisa


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