Though we may have made it through the thick of the ZZ-top lumberjack look carried by many an urban hipster, beards are still where it’s at.

We remain deep in “the Postmillennial He-Man Beard Epoch.” Yup. Alex Williams of the Times said so last week. And as a denizen of Brooklyn, the heart of bearded trendiness, I feel equipped to nod in agreement with Williams as he speaks of his surprisingly positive experiences walking the streets with his new facial hair (he grew his first beard accidently at 41):

“In the eyes of young, cool New York, I had unwittingly shaved 10 years off my age by not shaving. I was getting carded at nightclubs. Tattooed young women working the register at coffee shops no longer called me “sir.” At downtown parties, I invariably found myself huddled in the corner with bearded guys in their 20s, talking about the new Fleet Foxes album or the best way to get past the velvet rope at the Box. I was a member of a tribe.”

But like most trends, the hirsute look is doomed to over-saturation, to a played out demise.

Even if I don’t abandon the beard in the next year or two, everyone else might. At some point, the beard is destined to go the way of the trucker hat. (The fact that beards have their own coming reality series, “Whisker Wars” on IFC, might indicate that they are about to go mainstream, thus lose their edge.) And there’s never any question when a beard moment is over. The last time around, it was the precise moment that Kenny Loggins went solo in 1976.

So, to the bushily bearded, the perfectly scruffy, those who favor a five o’clock shadow or a simple goatee, now is your moment to shine. Get out there and rock it — because soon you’ll want to shave it.

- Marisa

Love that a “Bureau” actually did research on this . . .

The Elias Sports Bureau followed the careers of three professional athletes to see if shaving routinely improved the way they played. The players in question: Johnny Damon, Freddy Garcia and Swisher.

The results:  Damon averaged nine more stolen bases clean-shaven, and nearly all of his career highs have come beardless; Garcia’s career ERA with facial hair is 4.34, shaved it is reduced to 3.60; and Swisher also has better numbers when clean shaven.

There you have it.


A Shaving Celebration

May 27, 2011

Judging by the popularity of Movember and other hairy fundraisers, men certainly jump at the chance to let themselves go grow out their beards.

I’m digging this beard-shaving celebration in honor of the Jewish holiday Lag B’Omer, described by the minds at Jewcy like this:

“If you’ve never heard about Lag B’Omer it’s all about joy. In a period of mourning it’s the breath of fresh air, the “Adult Swim” to the Omer pool party.”

A bunch of joyful Jews recently gathered in LA to celebrate with “a bonfire, music, and hair removal.” After 33 days of growing out their beards, the hirsute came together to rid themselves of their fur.

“We held a joyous party that was an homage to Hair. From playing songs to telling funny stories about our experiences with hair. We even trimmed a few beards at our shave station.”


Wishing all a happy Lag B’Omer and many joyful clean-shaven days!

- Marisa


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