Jeff Bezos

recently posted about the study proving that people tend to perceive bald men as stronger and more powerful than those with full heads of hair.

And now it seems that little to no hair can also help you excel in the business world. Wall Street Journal reporter Rachel Emma Silverman reported on the phenomenon this week, citing business mavericks Marc Andreessen (venture capitalist and Netscape founder), Jeffrey Katzenberg (DreamWorks Animation SKG Chief Executive) and CEO Jeff Bezos as prime examples of hugely successful businessmen who sport shorn looks.

Seth Godin, the shiny-bald tech entrepreneur and writer, puts the baldness/business equation in perspective: “I’m not saying that shaving your head makes you successful, but it starts the conversation that you’ve done something active,” he says. “These are people who decide to own what they have, as opposed to trying to pretend to be something else.”

Thinking about taking it all off? Headshavers love All Natural Shaving Oil. The supreme lubrication works to prevent nicks and cuts and provides all day moisturizing, too. Plus, you can see where you’re shaving!

– Marisa

Avocados are a superfood, that’s for sure. They contain vitamins C and E and lots of fiber and omega fatty acids. And they’re delicious. Spread on sandwiches, smashed into guacamole, even blended into a smoothie (they add a luscious, decadent taste and texture to the average banana and berry smoothie — trust me).

But taste and nutrition are only the beginning of avocado’s superpowers. Avocados also produce a rich, moisturizing oil that is designed for skin care — and shaving. All Natural Shaving Oil contains avocado oil, which not only adds slickness, but also infuses your shaving experience with anti-oxidants and other age-defying ingredients like beta-carotene, which helps counteract sun damage. Avocado oil is also absorbed easily, which contributes to all-day hydration post-shave.

Does the average can of shaving cream contain this shaving superstar?

– Marisa

One of the most interesting parts of running a personal care products company is speaking with customers and learning about their standard primping routine, especially when it comes to shaving. The advice I receive often varies—and even contradicts at times. But one thing is clear: there is no shortage of it. It seems that when it comes to shaving, everyone has at least one great tip or ‘lesson-learned’ to share.

So a few years ago, we set out to compile a world-class list (for shavers, by shavers) of how, when, where or with what to shave. We reached out online and the response was overwhelming. We received hundreds of responses from men and women and after months of reviewing and editing, we’ve narrowed it down (sort of) to this pdf guide: 125 Tips for a Better Shave.

As you’ll see, standard tenets of shaving came through (“try to shave in or after the shower”), while others contradicted (“Shave against the grain for a closer shave”; “Never shave against the grain”). Still others, while odd, seemed to just make good, common sense (“never in a moving car.”)

For some it’s a chore. For others, it’s an enjoyable morning routine. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you’re sure to find at least one practical gem in this report. After all, here at Pacific Shaving Company, we’re all about practical. We don’t believe that anyone really needs high-tech shaving systems. We promote practical products, simple packaging and quality ingredients that get the job done—and even make the process enjoyable.


The Monkey Tail.

December 22, 2011

Monkeytail. Impressive.

One of the more impressive images that came up on my Google search for 'Monkey Tail Beards'.

I suppose the beard is to a shaving company what an apple is to a doctor. As a result, I unfortunately feel like I have to be anti-beard in my worldview as a matter of principle (or good business), even though I’m really not.

That said, once or twice each year I like to go unshaven for a couple weeks so that when I do finally shave I can rest assured that our products continue to stand up as real beard-busters. That time period always makes for some awkward questions from friends – as the guy who runs a shaving company, how can I not be clean shaven all the time?

The two-week periods inevitably also bring some fun conversations about beard shapes, sizes and creative ways of sculpting.

Enter the Monkey Tail. Introduced to me at a holiday party and this year’s winner by far.

It’s two parts creative, two parts creepy, one part awkward and one part awesome. You don’t want to stare at it, but you can’t look away either.

Of course, it only took one Google search to bring up pages of sites dedicated to this fad that is sweeping(?) the nation, though I have yet to actually find someone else who has heard of it.

When it came time to finally shave off my beard this morning, I couldn’t resist trying to sculpt the monkey tail. (lubricant of choice: shaving oil – so I could see where I was shaving.) I called my wife and kids into the bathroom so we could have a good laugh – but the fun stopped there. Definitely no going out in public like this for me. As quickly as it took its shape, it disappeared in a stream of whiskers down the drain. No photography allowed.

- Stan

ASU student with All Natural Shaving Oil

Last week, Pacific Shaving Company made its debut in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

As part of our ongoing partnership with the American Red Cross, we were honored to be part of the Appalachian State University blood drive — one of the best drives yet.

Donors received a sample of our All Natural Shaving Oil as thanks for their participation.

And what participation it was! ARC collected 1,255 unit of blood.





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