P&G things Gillette’s new razor is good for business. I’m convinced Gillette doesn’t understand how to actually shave properly. Businessweek http://ow.ly/w5kha

I have honestly tried to understand why the Dyson- err-Flexball – razor will improve the shaving experience and I just don’t get it. I am not trying to shave around my the corner of my sofa or coffee table so turning on a dime is not high on my list of needs. Also, it’s not like you still don’t need to turn your wrist when you change directions while you shave. So why the flexball? If anything, I envision people needing to apply pressure in order to change directions and pivot the ball. Anyone who has ever shaved will tell you the one thing you never want to do is apply pressure when you shave – let the razor do the work!

Lastly, troubled-shavers know that the second most important thing when shaving (after not applying pressure) is to use short strokes and rinse often. It appears that the Flexball encourages longer strokes and more surface area covered with each one. Sure, the Flexball is innovation, but not accretive. Bad news. Bad technique. Bad shave.

How To Prevent Razor Burn | The Art of Manliness http://ow.ly/vTSo6

“There’s nothing like a good clean shave to start your day off right. A well-shaved face leaves a good impression with potential clients and lady friends. Unfortunately, legions of men are walking around right now with a nasty side effect of improper shaving: razor burn. We’ve all had it at one time or another- that horrible itchy feeling that pops up a few hours after you shave. Razor burn not only ruins a good shave, it just looks bad. But with the proper attack plan, razor burn and razor bumps can be prevented. Here’s yours:”

If We Have Reached ‘Peak Beard’ It’s Bad News for Men Everywhere | TIME.com http://ow.ly/vTGcO

“Scientists say we are reaching “peak beard.” That’s the point when, according to researchers at the University of South Wales, facial hair becomes so prevalent that clean-shaven men are a comparative rarity and therefore more attractive to the opposite sex…
The eggheads call it “negative frequency-dependent sexual selection.” I call it the worst thing to happen to men in years.”

How and When to Tuck in Your Shirt | The Art of Manliness http://ow.ly/vRTJ0

The Science of Facial Hair: What Signals Do Beards, Stubble, and Mustaches Send to Others? | The Art of Manliness http://ow.ly/vO3QK


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