Jill Foster at The Daily Mail UK just posted this fantastic article on men who shave their legs.

My favorite part:
‘I was in bed with a girl and she wouldn’t get close to me,’ he recalls. ‘When I asked why, she said it was because she hadn’t shaved her legs and the fact mine were smoother than hers made her feel insecure.’

All I know is that this summer I went for my first ever buzz-cut at the barber. It took one day to get used to feeling the breeze on my scalp every time I walked outside, but in no time, I grew to love it. I know there is a huge difference between a buzz-cut and shaved head  – and even even bigger difference between a shaved head and shaved legs, but still. Maybe these guys are on to something.

It just goes to show – you can’t rush the act of shaving.

I gave myself a really nasty shaving cut this morning while trying to do a speed shave. Ouch. However, it gave me an opportunity to actually demonstrate just how well the Nick Stick works! The lengths I’ll go to prove the efficacy of Pacific Shaving products…

The uninitiated always seem a little skeptical at first when we tell them how great our lather is – or that our small but mighty (TSA-friendly) 3 oz. tube will last up to 100 shaves. Here we put it to the test.


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