[Editors note: The “Our Story” page of PacificShaving.com told us it was feeling lonely. We decided to dedicate this post to telling its story.]

“There I was one night…just a normal guy.
And then, there I was the next night…damn I was still just a normal guy!”
— Bruce Springsteen

For many years, I was a corporate marketing executive. Working for large, public companies, shaving was the usual routine/chore it was for many men every morning before work. And it was falling short for me. My razor blade had benefited from billions of dollars in product innovation but my shaving cream hadn’t been upgraded along the way. It was still a big rust-ring leaving can of shaving cream v1.0. Think of it like spending money on a brand new smart phone, but then not downloading the apps that make it really zing. Cool phone, but not firing on all cylinders. Nice razor blade, but you’re still putting toxic, irritating ingredients on your skin every day.

It dawned on me that I wasn’t looking for a close shave but instead, I was looking for a comfortable shave. Just like a flux capacitor equation, it dawned on me:

Razors = close shave.   
Shaving products = comfortable shave.

Inspired, I used my free time – early morning, lunch hour, post bedtime story – to develop a line of shaving products that would be moisturizing without being greasy; kind to sensitive skin but with enough muscle to conquer the heaviest beard.

Never would I leave the bathroom in a cloud of “morning rain” or “Irish fields” and no longer would I face a bulky, ring-of-rust leaving aluminum can of shaving cream or struggle with the waste it created. I could toss the small but mighty products (TSA-approved) in a carry-on or slip them in a gym bag. The subtle citrus scent would work for a man or a woman and the product itself would leave chins, legs, underarms, even heads, silky smooth.

Today, Pacific Shaving Company offers a full line of affordably-priced, safe, natural and eco-friendly shaving essentials that can be found in thousands of fine retail locations across the country.

So, here I am. Still just a normal guy.  But these days I enjoy (or at least don’t mind!) my morning shave. And now, along with hundreds of thousands of other ‘normal guys’ who use Pacific Shaving products, my skin has never  looked better or felt healthier. Give it a try.


Metrosexual. Ok, I got it.

Manscaping. Yeah, that was pretty clever.

Man-sumer? It just feels like a stretch.

And the worst part is, just like the bad pop song that gets played 100 times a day until I have no choice but to find myself humming it in the shower, I feel like it is inevitable I will start to use this very mediocre industry-manufactured term.


That said, let’s get right to “Man-sumers: By the numbers”:

51% of men usually shop for food only at stores located near their homes or workplaces.

36% of men think food retailers should help them choose healthy products.

50% of 18- to 34-year-old men are interested in organic products; just 40 percent of 35- to 54-year-olds show interest.

39 minutes:  Average time a man spends per grocery store trip; women spend 42 minutes.

57% of dads who gather most of their grocery-related knowledge from in-store promotions.


Sources: Mintel, Time Use Institute, Nielsen, Cone Communications



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