ImageGood for the skin. Good for the wallet. Good for the earth.

Those three tenets inform all aspects of how we run our business. And while developing high quality, safe, affordable shaving products steals the limelight most of the time, our long-time sustainability efforts are some of the things of which we are most proud. From our ingredients and solar-powered manufacturing methods to other business practices, we make every effort to protect the earth and leave a neutral – if not negative – footprint.

One of the contributing factors in our ability to do that is by partnering with the Trees for the Future organization and planting a tree for every purchase.  

So what is Trees for the Future? It’s an organization that aims to improve conditions for impoverished communities. Since its beginning in 1989, it, with help from company’s like Pacific Shaving Company, has helped to plant over 80 million trees in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

How does planting trees make life better for these communities? Trees themselves provide important things like food, firewood, and building materials. But Trees for the Future doesn’t stop there. They also spearhead educational efforts in regards to things like:

All of these things work together to improve the living conditions of the local population.

So why plant a tree? As the people at Trees for the Future say: Because they help to change lives. And that’s a goal we here at Pacific Shaving Company are proud to support. 

Sure, shaving is a bitch, but…really…we’re not sure if we should laugh, cry or cringe at this story.

According to news reports, a 37-year-old driver was headed to Key West for a rendezvous with her boyfriend. She was accompanied in the car by her ex-husband. In order to be ‘properly groomed for the visit’, she decided — as the news ever so tastefully put it — that she needed to shave her ‘bikini area’.

As the news story went on to explain: ‘Her ex-husband, who was in the passenger’s seat, took the wheel while she focused on other areas…’

Well, you can see what’s coming — but evidently she couldn’t, since she managed to rear-end a car ahead of her.

Our attorney would want us to make an urgent plea at this point in the story, just in case any of you feel tempted to follow this driver’s example and later blame us in court for having given you the idea: Never, never, never shave in your car…while driving.

As you might have guessed, alcohol was reportedly involved impairing the driver’s shaving-while-driving abilities. Which brings us to another safety plea: Never, never, never drink and shave.

You can read an actual news account here, just in case you think we’re drinking-while-blogging and concocted this tale for our own entertainment.

There’s a saying in the real estate business world about the three ingredients needed for success: ‘location, location, location’. We had no idea until now how much those words also pertained to successful shaving. If you must shave in your car, please…turn off the engine.


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