“It’s a man’s world,” or so James Brown has been known to sing, and in the world of razors that certainly appears to be the case. With that said, let’s turn to the fairer sex as we list the top 5 reasons shaving is even harder for women.

1.  For stylish women, they don’t really have a choice in the matter

Quickly, name some styles of men’s facial hair.  That’s fairly easy, isn’t it?  Beard, mustache, goatee, Van Dyke, mutton chops, sideburns, handlebar, etc.  Now then, name some styles of women’s leg hair.  Um…

Without getting into a massive dialogue about the standards of beauty, men have an easier time of things than women.  While men can choose to grow their facial hair, women have, for the most part, two choices when it comes to hair not on the top of their heads: on or off.  And in order to be stylish (certainly while wearing a skirt), there really is no choice; it has to be done.

2.  There’s more “square footage” involved

Men may grouse about having to shave every day, but what women may lack in frequency, they more than make up for in area.  Even the largest-faced men in the world can’t hold a candle to the amount of skin women shave.

3.  Shaving a leg is a lot more difficult than shaving a face

We all know, or should know at least, the shaving tip of shaving with the grain (at least with the first pass).  Consider, then, that the average leg is going to have more grains than the average face, requiring a lot more care.

What’s more, shaving one’s legs is a lot less convenient than shaving one’s face.  Everyone can reach up and touch their face, but considering that touching one’s toes is an actual exercise for some, getting a razor in that area becomes an exercise in flexibility.

4.  You heard it here first:  Legs are different from faces

Men are often quick to notice, and even quicker to complain, when the women in their lives have used their razor.  This may cause some women to wonder why; men’s whiskers are so much thicker than the fine hairs on a woman’s leg, so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that shaving doesn’t just remove hair, but the very top layer of skin as well.  Consider, then, that the skin on our legs is a lot tougher and a bit thicker than the skin on our faces.  As a result, leg shaving dulls a blade faster, and if they’re not careful, what should be a smooth glide of a razor suddenly becomes a bumpy skid.

5.  It burns, it burns!

The sensation of razor burn is due to the fact, as outlined just above, that shaving not only removes hair but a layer of skin as well.  The faster you shave, the greater the burn, because you aren’t giving the skin a chance to heal.

But the real problem, then, lies not just in the burn, but where the burn is.  A bit of burn on the face, and it becomes irritating, but ultimately it can be left alone to get better; don’t wear a face mask and all will be fine.  A bit of burn on the legs, and suddenly any sort of fabric or stocking reminds the women that, hey, ow, they shaved recently.

So there it is; the razor world may be a man’s world, but as James Brown also notes, it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman.

- CC

My 74-year-old mom, getting ready to zip line!

My 74-year-young mom, getting ready to zip line!

Flowers, chocolates, making mom breakfast…all great gifts for Mother’s Day — and you’ve probably done them all more than once.

This year you are going to change that! You are going to give her a gift that she will use every day. You are going to make her legs crazy smooth and supple. You are going to make her feel younger and more vibrant. (You are going to make your dad happy too.) Here’s how:

Pacific Shaving Company now offers its award-winning safe, natural and eco-friendly shaving products specifically formulated for women.  Our Three Step Shaving System starts with a Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub that can be used all over the body to exfoliate, clean, and moisturize. Great before shaving *or waxing*.

The next step uses our All Natural Shaving Cream.  A low-lather, premium shaving cream made entirely with organic, natural and safe ingredients. (She will never go back to the toxic Skintimate or Satin Care again.)

The third — and perhaps most important — step, is our Post-Shave Moisturizer.  Don’t let the name fool you though; it’s perfect for everyday use. With a potent blend of ingredients like shea butter, Argan oil, Abyssinian oil, and lavender, this moisturizer’s got her covered all day.

I'm sorry, Skintimate. We need to break up. I'm in love with someone else.

Finally, premium shaving products for women.

A quick note on Abyssinian oil: this exotic ingredient nourishes skin while reducing wrinkles by infusing the skin with crucial triglycerides—the main component in the body’s natural skin oil.  It is also very light, and non-greasy, all while being fully biodegradable and eco-friendly like all of our products.

All products come in our unique concentrated formulas and come in a 3 oz. size that even the TSA can’t complain about!

A Mother’s Day gift from Pacific Shaving Company will get you thanked in May, but also in June, July, and the months to follow.  Step out of the box this Mother’s Day, your mom will be glad you did.

Visit our website for more information or contact us with questions.

Okay, so back when I was just a young lad, eager to learn the manly ways of shaving, this list would have included just the one item: “how do I get my beard to grow in faster than once/week? I want to shave for real!” Ahhh, to be young and foolish again….

Nowadays, we get lots of customer calls asking for a side of shaving advice with their shaving products. Here are a few we’ve heard recently.

  1. Multi-grain Face – And you thought this term was reserved only for a really hearty and nutritious bread?! Truth is, most men are a victim of this ailment. The hair on one part of your face grows one way, while the other half of your mug grows the other. A simple enough solution is, “Don’t fight it!” Take a moment to stare at your face in the mirror before your next shave (btw – looking good my man!). Now look at your whiskers closely to determine the direction of growth. Chances are, you are 1-2 direction shaver and your hair probably is growing in more than 10-15 different directions. Particularly on your neck. Shave with the grain on each section.
  2. Electric vs. Blade – No correct answer here. It’s personal preference and really up to you. Experiment with both, and see which works best. Some of us prefer the quick, high-tech, smooth action of an electric razor. While others prefer a cleaner, more precise shave that only a good blade can provide. Razor burn can be an issue with an electric, but nicks and cuts are more prevalent with a blade. Pick your poison.
  3. Cuts, bleeders, weepers – What has more band-aids than the federal budget? (Answer: Hopefully not your face.) Some of us have these “spots” on our mugs that always seem to either get cut or we miss entirely. Remember: no pressure on the razor blade. Pushing down harder will not give you a closer shave. If you find yourself applying pressure – time to change the blade – or not.
  4. Sideburns – Often times I’ve begun a simple trimming of my sideburns just to even them out. I shave a little here, then I shave the other one to make them even. Then I determine that one is just a teeny bit higher than the other, so I make another adjustment, and before you know it, I’ve given myself a mohawk. My only advice here is, “approach with caution.” Wait for a professional at your next haircut if you need to.
  5. Razor Rash – Two words: Cold Water. Or cool water. Okay, just not ‘hot water.’ Hot water is nice, but it draws the blood closer to the surface of your skin. Want to reduce the appearance of razor burn and the redness that goes along with it? Simple as shaving with cold water. Go ahead. Try it. I’m not kidding.

Pacific Shaving Company offers a vast selection of shaving products for men and women. Visit our website today for more information and shaving tips!


As Earth Day approaches, hopefully we all take the opportunity to do a little soul-searching about how we care for our planet. We think about big changes, such as methods to incorporate more green energy sources into our communities, but we also examine what small daily habits we can adjust within our own homes in order to more positively impact the environment.

Here are a few key areas to consider this Earth Month:

Things We Grow

So many items we purchase at the grocery store can easily be grown in gardens or containers at home.  Herbs such as cilantro, basil, and oregano grow well in small spaces, can be quite decorative (and aromatic!), and taste better when they are freshly cut. For those of you with kids, it’s also more fun to celebrate nature when we bring it closer to us.  Planting a tree or shrub in your yard is a fun activity during Earth Month that produces enjoyment throughout the rest of the year.  Planting it in a location that will eventually provide shade might reduce cooling costs even later, too.

Things We Buy

You might get frustrated when you see a ring of rust from a can shaving cream on the side of a tub or shower. But think about the damage it does *after* it’s discarded. Identify sources of large/superfluous packaging and consider potential alternatives. It’s an easy way to reduce waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Things We Flush

Just one household can pour several different chemicals down its drains every day.  A few small and simple changes can make a big difference in our planet’s future.  Replacing just a few types of household cleaning products with natural and proven substitutes, such as vinegar or baking soda, is an easy way to keep your home clean while protecting the environment. Replacing a few of the personal products you use in daily grooming with environmentally conscious choices is another way to help both the planet and your own health.

Here at Pacific Shaving Company, we consider all of the topics above as part of the guiding principles of our business. Each unique blend of ingredients, which include natural substances such as sunflower seed oil, aloe leaf juice, and bamboo stem, are environmentally friendly, and safe for your skin.  We also package our products in small but mighty sizes that reduce waste. And just to be sure - every purchase plants a tree too!

Happy Earth Month!


Shorn in the USA

April 3, 2013

It’s nice: more than ever, people are looking to purchase American-made products. And we’re proud to be among the few grooming brands that manufacturers all of our products in the USA.

In addition to getting the most comfortable shave ever, here are a few other things you can feel good about when purchasing Pacific Shaving products: It keeps dollars in the U.S. It stimulates the economy. It supports layers of U.S. businesses and industries that make up our supply chain. It supports safe and clean work environments. It supports fair wages. And it supports the notion that you can get high-quality shaving products with safe and natural ingredients at an affordable price.

Not too bad…

(I’m a cool-rockin’ daddy in the USA)


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