Today, another shout-out to our friends and partners at the American Red Cross (March is Red Cross Month):

“Lifeblood” is not just a term used to describe something of vital importance, it is also a good description of what blood means to us as human beings. Blood means life.  It is the river that delivers oxygen and vital nutrients to all parts of the body and without enough of it we would not be able to fight off infections or deliver healing white blood cells to parts of our bodies that have been wounded.

It is one of the best examples of a sustainable resource and one that we can share with others without much effort.  Did you know that 1 out of every 3 people will need blood products at sometime in their lives?  It may not be you who needs the life-saving transfusion but it could very well be a family member, a neighbor or a friend.

When natural disasters strike or for the person battling sickle cell anemia, blood is not an option, it is a requirement for life.  Unfortunately, without the generosity of other people there would be no life saving blood available to those who desperately need it.  In fact, over 40,000 pints of donated blood were used in our country today.

We have learned to find substitutions for many things but blood is not something we can create in a lab.  Only the generosity of our fellow human beings will guarantee the blood supply that we need.  The Red Cross is always standing by to receive your donation and make sure that it gets to those most in need.  So do it. Roll up your sleeve and give the gift of life.

Pacific Shaving Company continue to be a long-time supporter of the American Red Cross and its efforts. Find a donation center today. After all, shaving is no way to give blood.

As reported in Mass Market Retailers, March 11, 2013:

Image“A few mass market retail chains have made a serious commitment to offering natural or organic products, but the performance bar has been set very high by Whole Foods Markets.

Last December the chain was named the “leading national retailer” for personal care products safety by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. In September 2012 Whole Foods announced that all organic personal care products in its US stores are third party certified, making it the first national retailer to mandate certification for all organic personal care products on its shelves.

The retailer has already developed quality standards for personal care products that differentiated it from competitors. To receive the seal of approval, products have to meet the Premium Body Care Standard, which requires that they not contain such ingredients as parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols, sodium lauryl sulfates.”

Having been sold in Northern California and Pacific Northwest Whole Foods stores since 2008, Pacific Shaving Company is proud to continue to call Whole Foods one of its great retail partners. Starting in 2013, our distribution will expand to include all Whole Food stores in southern California as well as the entire east coast. Happy, safe, shaving!


Camp Whole Foods.I picture it kind of like Hank Azaria's role in Couple's Retreat.

Camp Whole Foods.
I picture it kind of like Hank Azaria’s role in Couple’s Retreat.

USA Today reports that Whole Foods is planning to open “an upscale health resort where guests could stay and learn about a healthier lifestyle … The resort – which would use Whole Foods in its name – would likely open in or near downtown Austin, where the company plans to expand its headquarters, perhaps within the next three years.”

CEO John Mackey tells the paper that the company is negotiating for real estate, and looking for a hotel partner to operate the resort. If it works, it could lead to a chain of health resorts around the country.

“The health resort idea came from an in-house program to improve eating and lifestyle habits of Whole Foods employees, focused on weight loss and reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol,” the story says, noting that Mackey sees a business opportunity in spreading the concept beyond staff.

Remember who won the Grammy for best new artist in 2003?
Or who won the Oscar for best director in the same year?

Neither do I.

Which is why I thought it was fun to dig up this old SymphonyIRI report showing the 2003-2004 ‘New Product Pacesetters’ list.

According to the Symphony Group, to qualify for IRI’s 2003-2004 New Product Pacesetters list, a brand must have been introduced between February 2003 and January 2004, so that it had a full 52 weeks of sales data by December 2004 after achieving 30% ACV distribution. Brands must also achieve at least $7.5 million in retail sales in the Food, Drug and Mass channels, excluding Wal-Mart (FDMx) in their first year, as measured via IRI’s InfoScan® Reviews service.

Pacesetters include entirely new brands or new brand extensions but do not include item or UPC level, flavor or package size introductions. Each Pacesetter’s benefits are determined from a personal review of packaging aided by free-standing insert advertising, other ads, and manufacturer information available on their websites or the product itself.

How many of these do you remember/are still around??


1. Breyer’s CarbSmart
2. Pepsi Vanilla
3. Diet Coke with Lime
4. Sprite Remix
5. Yoplait Nouriche
6. Smirnoff Twisted V
7. Healthy Choice Flavor Adventures
8. Nabisco Ritz Chips
9. Dannon Light ‘n Fit Carb Control
10. Mountain Dew Livewire


1. Prilosec OTC
2. Crest Whitestrips Premium
3. Schick Intuition
4. Schick Quattro
5. Crest Whitening Expressions
6. L’Orėal Dermo Expertise
7. Crest Night Effects
8. Mucinex
9. Olay Regenerist
10. Tylenol 8 Hour

What a yawn of a year for Grocery and Drug stores. Not exactly the ‘year of innovation…’

On the other hand it as the year Pacific Shaving Company launched its first product – our All Natural Shaving Oil (Which btw, even in 2012 won the Delicious Living Award for Best Men’s Product, thankyouverymuch.)

Oh, and in case you were wondering…
2003 Grammy for Best New Artist: Norah Jones
2003 Oscar for Best Director: Roman Polanski

Bamboo: Fast Facts:

  • Fast-growing and resilient, it’s the source of choice for green construction and landscaping.
  • Varieties of the bamboo plant are found in Asia, Australia, and North and South America.
  • Used for centuries in Chinese medicine for healing and treating infections.
  • Great for your skin.

Bamboo provides hydration for the skin – both instant and long-term. Unlike water, which leaves the skin immediately, bamboo penetrates the skin and locks in moisture. Bamboo sap has also been found to increase the skin’s strength and resilience against environmental stress. The sap is filled with nutritives, including amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamin C, glucose, and minerals.

Ground bamboo stem particles are also known for their extraordinary exfoliating power – without irritating sensitive skin.

All these reasons and more make our Pre-Shave Exfoliating Wash (for him) and our Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub (for her) the perfect choice for a skin cleanser that prepares your skin for shaving – or pre/post waxing.

Willow Bark, aloe and other safe, natural and organic ingredients round out this great skin cleanser. No synthetic fragrances. No animal testing. Made in the USA. Every purchase plants a tree.


A Green Spring!

March 2, 2013

Maybe it’s just been the awesome weather we’ve been having here in San Francisco, but Spring is definitely in the air – and that gets us thinking ‘green’ even more than usual. Our products wear green, our logo is green – how can we not think green shaving, and green living, as green shoots are springing up all over the USA, and beyond?

So here’s what we’re thinking: If you’ve poked around our website, you know that we plant a nice green tree for every purchase you make from us. A year ago we’d already planted 100,000 trees with the help of Trees for the Future. Those trees provide food for humans, forage and shelter for animals, wood for fuel and construction, and oxygen for all of us to breathe. Their presence improves water infiltration and protects soil from erosion—all over the world.

Those trees need company, in terms of acting green for the sake of this earth we share. Each of us, simply by the way we live, also impacts our earth. When you turn off the water in your bathroom while shaving, you’re thinking green. When you use a disposable razor, it will join the more than 2 billion disposable razors bought in the USA in one single year. If you must use a disposable razor, (such as while traveling) consider the Recycline razor out there with a handle made from recycled plastic that is itself recyclable. For every day use, consider either upgrading to a razor with a changeable blade, or a straight razor. When you use our products with these razors, you can be sure that your skin will be hydrated, moisturized and feeling as natural as the green ingredients used to make our products.

So join us in celebrating green! It’s easier than you think. Get out and buy a green plant—whether it’s a small fern for your apartment window or a large tree for your spacious back yard—and whenever you see it, smile—you’re living green!


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