A posse of spooky spiders and a gaggle of warty witches have been calling my living room window home for over a month now. My four year old broke out the decorations as soon as it was officially autumn, and in an interesting interior decorating move, decided to embellish just one window with the festive decals. This is one creepy window.

He’s also tested out his candy satchel by filling it with toys and walking briskly around our apartment (it works), given his skeleton costume a test drive (it, too, works) and covered our front door with abstract sketches of vampires, mummies and Frankenstein. This kid is ready for Halloween.

I, meanwhile, have been reveling in his four-year-oldness. A successful Halloween for W. means eating two pieces of candy in a row and counting the Iron Man costumes sported by his fellow preschoolers. I don’t have to worry about him slicing his tongue on a chocolate bar tainted by a razor blade or chomping into a poisoned apple. All treats will be mama-approved, of course. I also don’t have to worry about him roaming dark streets alone, knocking on strangers doors or masterminding disturbing pranks with his friends. Yet.

Yes, W’s innocent take on Halloween means no toilet paper wrapped around tress — do teenagers still do this? — and no shaving cream fights. He’d be hard-pressed to gear up for a shaving cream battle with the supplies in my bathroom, anyway. I’m stocked with nothing but tubes of low lather cream, the good stuff, where a little goes a long way. We’d both be sorry if he armed himself with my shaving cream.

Wishing you a satisfying All Hallow’s Eve. However — and with whomever — you choose to celebrate it. Just keep your toilet paper away from my trees.

– Marisa

Have a skin care issue? Nature has a solution. Today, I’m all about willow bark or salix alba

This isn’t your average bark. Oh, no. Willow bark contains contains salicylic acid, which removes dead skin cells and makes way for the fresh and bright (read: youthful) skin hiding underneath.

I’m particularly appreciative of willow bark’s multitasking prowess — not only does it remove dead skin cells, but it also brings anti-inflammatory properties to the skin care game. This helps to calm skin that’s prone to redness and irritation like rosacea and acne. And if that’s not enough, super bark willow bark also gently exfoliates, which helps to treat age spots, dry patches and discoloration.

Not bad for bark.

– Marisa

than legs and underarms?

Today, while shaving in the shower — balancing on one leg, juggling razor and shaving cream — I pondered this question.

I wondered why men’s shaving is a $13 billion industry with extensive advertising campaigns, razor hype and media coverage and women’s shaving isn’t even its own industry.

Technically, it would seem that we have more to shave. And perhaps more to lose — ever get a nick in your armpit?

Not fun.

When I think “women’s shaving” I’m brought immediately back to my teenage years in the wilds of suburban New Jersey and the sporadic pink and purple shaving cream cans that peeked out among the black and gray cans at our local drug store.

I think of floral, fruity and fluffy fragrances and words like “silky”  and “satiny.”

Pink, purple, floral, fruity, silky, satiny.

It didn’t take an Intro to Women’s Studies Class to tell me that when it comes to shaving, women are more than the sum of their silky parts. Since I first picked up a razor, I’ve been looking for a shaving product that’s designed for my actual shaving needs (more on those needs in a later post) instead of one that’s serving my perceived shaving desires.

– Marisa

No, this is not the marshmallow of S’mores and Rice Krispie treats (though the fluffy white sweets were once made from the sap of the marshmallow plant root).

This is the marshmallow of your next level shaving experience.

The best way to understand the properties of the herb marshmallow root is to take a closer look at its official genus name: althaea officinalis. Althea means “to heal” in Greek. That really says it all.

This soothing herb is often used in skin care products to calm inflammation and is particularly healing for skin prone to acne, sunburn or dryness. Marshmallow root is specifically prized for its mucilaginous quality. Mucilage is naturally occurring thick, gluey stuff that is ideal for soothing and healing skin of all types.

Marshmallow root is a key ingredient in our All Natural Shaving Cream. Check it out. Start the healing.

– Marisa

Jeff Bezos

recently posted about the study proving that people tend to perceive bald men as stronger and more powerful than those with full heads of hair.

And now it seems that little to no hair can also help you excel in the business world. Wall Street Journal reporter Rachel Emma Silverman reported on the phenomenon this week, citing business mavericks Marc Andreessen (venture capitalist and Netscape founder), Jeffrey Katzenberg (DreamWorks Animation SKG Chief Executive) and Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos as prime examples of hugely successful businessmen who sport shorn looks.

Seth Godin, the shiny-bald tech entrepreneur and writer, puts the baldness/business equation in perspective: “I’m not saying that shaving your head makes you successful, but it starts the conversation that you’ve done something active,” he says. “These are people who decide to own what they have, as opposed to trying to pretend to be something else.”

Thinking about taking it all off? Headshavers love All Natural Shaving Oil. The supreme lubrication works to prevent nicks and cuts and provides all day moisturizing, too. Plus, you can see where you’re shaving!

– Marisa

This top-five list has me thinking — are these products all a guy needs to enter the world well-groomed each day?

What about a natural deodorant or a reliable post-shave moisturizer?

What about whitening toothpaste or dental floss or an effective body wash?

The Art of Manliness has quite a different take on a man’s top five grooming essentials.

Gold Bond. Hmmm.

What products are mainstays in your bathroom?

We want to know!

- Marisa


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