Avocados are a superfood, that’s for sure. They contain vitamins C and E and lots of fiber and omega fatty acids. And they’re delicious. Spread on sandwiches, smashed into guacamole, even blended into a smoothie (they add a luscious, decadent taste and texture to the average banana and berry smoothie — trust me).

But taste and nutrition are only the beginning of avocado’s superpowers. Avocados also produce a rich, moisturizing oil that is designed for skin care — and shaving. All Natural Shaving Oil contains avocado oil, which not only adds slickness, but also infuses your shaving experience with anti-oxidants and other age-defying ingredients like beta-carotene, which helps counteract sun damage. Avocado oil is also absorbed easily, which contributes to all-day hydration post-shave.

Does the average can of shaving cream contain this shaving superstar?

– Marisa

Good news for dudes with shorn scalps!

A recent study has found that hairless men are deemed stronger and more powerful than their hirsute brethren.

Led by Dr. Albert Mannes, a lecturer at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the study asked volunteers — college students and adults — to rate photos of men with bald heads and men with full heads of hair. The hairless gents were found to be more powerful, influential and authoritative.

And my favorite part of the study: bald men were also perceived as being nearly an inch taller and 13 percent stronger than men with solid hairlines!

Mannes offers three explanations for the enhanced perception of bald men:

1) Shaved heads are found in American culture in traditionally masculine professions, such as the military, law enforcement, and sports.

2) Men who shave their heads are viewed as unconventional. And there’s some evidence that the powerful are less inhibited about violating conventional norms.

3)  Since society places such a high aesthetic value on hair, it takes confidence for a man to dispense with it.

The only downside to a hairless head: study participants rated bald men less attractive and older looking than guys with healthy heads of hair.

Interesting in taking the head shaving plunge? All Natural Shaving Oil is a great way to achieve a smooth, nick-free shave.

via Cari Nierenberg for NBCNEWS.com

– Marisa

via Sharpologist.com

Our good friend Mantic59 is the king of awesome shaving videos. And his shaving site, Sharpoligist is full of interesting facts and tips about traditional wet shaving.

Here, he offers 11 — I love that it’s 11 — tips on managing pesky nicks and cuts.

Our Nick Stick is included under “spot treatments.”

Thanks, Mantic!

- Marisa

Gents: Slick is In

August 16, 2012

Well, guys, it seems as if the low-maintenance, lumberjack, hipster-hairy look of years past is behind us.

Slick is in.

Blame it on Don Draper, blame it on Prada’s superiorly coifed male models, blame it on the scraggily beards seen from Oakland to Bushwick (they must be itchy), but the clean cut look is officially here.

No more scruff, gentlemen, no more shaggy manes. The style is a refined pompadour — think Elvis updated for 2012 — and a clean-shaven face.

This trend is not for underachievers. A look this refined requires daily shaving, regular trims and lots of product.

Go, get ‘em guys!

- Marisa

A Manhattan grocery store has created an aisle dedicated to all things man. Yes, Westside Market’s “Man Aisle” is a one-stop shop for everything a guy could could possibly need.

“It’s your water, alcohol, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, razors,” explained Ian Joskowitz, chief operating officer of the market.

And when a dude has stocked up on all of his male grooming essentials, he can cruise the rest of the aisle for beer, barbecue sauce, chips and other poker night staples.

Now, that’s convenient.

- Marisa

Via NY Post


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