I’m heading to an event to help educate northeast Whole Foods retailers on all things Pacific Shaving Company. As a result, I needed to check a couple bags on my Virgin America flight this morning from SFO to BOS.

One look at my luggage tag with PSC on it got the agent asking about the company and in an instant we launched into a conversation (for several minutes, at 6am) about shaving cream brands, retail shopping experiences, razors and even grooming preferences. It was a totally enjoyable conversation and I kicked myself for not having had a sample in my briefcase to share with the agent before I proceeded to the gate.

Yesterday, I found myself talking shaving as well. I was contacted by someone doing research on all things shaving and before I knew it, we had spoken for 45 minutes on grooming practices.

Last week it happened as well – twice! Conversations naturally made their way to “what do you do” and before I knew it people who were complete strangers moments earlier are telling me about products they love and intimate ingrown hair troubles. I can only imagine what it would be like if I was a proctologist instead.

But the truth is, it’s actually fun to talk about and it is impressive how easy it appears for anyone (men or women) to talk about it. Next cocktail party give it a try. (See earlier Monkey Tail post if you need help getting started.)


Small steps count! As part of our ‘Every Purchase Plants a Tree’ program, Pacific Shaving Company is celebrating the planting of its 100,000th tree across 15 countries — from Brazil to Uganda. That’s enough to cover New York’s Central Park four times.

Just like turning off the faucet while shaving, shutting off the lights when leaving a room, and recycling – planting a tree for every purchase is a small green step that adds up over time. Trees clean our air, filter our water and provide a habitat for half of the world’s wildlife.

For a family-run business that started out catering to a small number of grooming enthusiasts online, this milestone and its positive environmental impact is a great way to demonstrate that small steps can have a big impact over time and just one of the ways Pacific Shaving aims to give back and bring sustainable business practices to the resource-heavy world of personal care products.

Eco-expert Josh Dorfman, author of The Lazy Environmentalist and The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget (when not hosting Sirius radio shows and Discovery Channel TV shows among other things), has been a fan, advocate and friend (not necessarily in that order) of Pacific Shaving Company for many years now. I love his take on eco/green products’ place in the world. He believes that “consumers really don’t want green products. rather, they want awesome products that are also green.” Exactly! (btw this is exactly why I have gone back to the heavy duty stuff for my dish washing detergent. The ‘green’ stuff just doesn’t clean well.)

When I told Josh about this 100,000 trees-planted milestone, his response was great, “Pacific Shaving is the rare eco-friendly company that actually outperforms the competition. Getting a smooth, close shave while taking a small step to preserve the planet is my kind of environmental action and a natural choice for lazy environmentalists on Earth Day.”

So, in the spirit of Earth Month, and our 100,000th tree planted, we’re encouraging individuals and businesses alike to find their own unique way to make a difference. It starts with a small step.



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