Solar-powered shaving

January 27, 2012

Let’s face it.The shaving aisle in your typical drug or grocery store has grown tired.

Close your eyes and picture it: 10 rows each of Barbasol, Gillette Foamy, ‘Store Brand’ on the bottom, then a couple full shelves all Edge and Fusion. It’s like all other sections of the store evolved over time, leaving shaving stuck in the 70’s and 80’s.

Since that doesn’t stop people from needing to shave, long-established brands continue to focus their marketing on the razors and blades; Innovation in the form of ‘high performance’ (and increasingly expensive) shaving systems – despite an evolving market.

Since 2003, Pacific Shaving has been quietly making noise with natural and eco-friendly shaving essentials that are aligned with the cultural shift, consumer motivation and macro trends that the leading brands are not delivering on:

  • Affordable, high quality, natural and safe ingredients
  • Sustainability
  • Eco-friendly business practices

So you can imagine how excited we are to add this to our growing list of accomplishments:
Solar-powered shaving products.

That’s right. Our longtime manufacturing facility has just completed a huge investment in solar and green technology with the installation of 100,000 watts of solar energy. The result? Maximized energy efficiency, minimal waste, reduced climate-damaging emissions and an overall positive effect on the environment. All packed into that small but mighty Pacific Shaving product.

Solar powered shaving products? That’s right. Coming soon to stores everywhere.

Move over Barbasol.

PS: Don’t tell the ‘establishment’, but the truth is that it’s not that hard. Domestic sourcing & manufacturing. Minimal packaging. Sustainable packaging practices. It takes just as much effort to choose these options as to elect not to, so why not choose the former? To run a business and take it personally (as I do), why wouldn’t you do these things?


Save Money on Bullets

January 27, 2012

For most razor companies it’s all about “giving away the gun to make money on the bullets.”

As anyone who has ever purchased shaving gear knows, blades are a pricey acquisition. Razor manufacturers are making big money on the bullets.

At Pacific Shaving Company, we want you to shave smoothly, comfortably and whenever possible, frugally. That your shave may also be eco-friendly is an added perk.

Applying Blade Oil after your daily shave can extend the life of your razor blade by up to 95 percent. Just think of the razor blades you won’t have to buy! Think of all the things you can do with those extra dollars! And think of the blades that are not adding to our landfills (the eco-perk).

The formula is simple: when your razor sits unused between shaves it oxidizes, which can lead to corrosion, which leads to a dull blade, which leads to a jagged edge and ultimately nicks and cuts.

Blade Oil stops oxidation. Blade Oil saves you money.

- Marisa

One of the most interesting parts of running a personal care products company is speaking with customers and learning about their standard primping routine, especially when it comes to shaving. The advice I receive often varies—and even contradicts at times. But one thing is clear: there is no shortage of it. It seems that when it comes to shaving, everyone has at least one great tip or ‘lesson-learned’ to share.

So a few years ago, we set out to compile a world-class list (for shavers, by shavers) of how, when, where or with what to shave. We reached out online and the response was overwhelming. We received hundreds of responses from men and women and after months of reviewing and editing, we’ve narrowed it down (sort of) to this pdf guide: 125 Tips for a Better Shave.

As you’ll see, standard tenets of shaving came through (“try to shave in or after the shower”), while others contradicted (“Shave against the grain for a closer shave”; “Never shave against the grain”). Still others, while odd, seemed to just make good, common sense (“never in a moving car.”)

For some it’s a chore. For others, it’s an enjoyable morning routine. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you’re sure to find at least one practical gem in this report. After all, here at Pacific Shaving Company, we’re all about practical. We don’t believe that anyone really needs high-tech shaving systems. We promote practical products, simple packaging and quality ingredients that get the job done—and even make the process enjoyable.


There’s nothing like streamlining your to-do list. Really, what’s better than compressing your errands into one trip, ticking off your must-dos with one multi-tasking can-do?

Need milk? Bread? Eggs? Shaving cream?

That sweet spot where groceries meet the best in shaving products can now be found at ShopRite — the grocery emporium that’s been around since 1951.

We are super proud that our All Natural Shaving Cream and Nick Stick are now available at your local ShopRite!

We invite you to take care of your shaving needs while stocking up on dinner supplies. It’s never been so easy.

- Marisa

There are some botanicals that are just plain magical. Like argan oil.

This stuff is where it’s at.

Born from the kernels of the argan tree — native to Moroco — argan oil is prized for its supreme moisturizing qualities. Packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it breathes new life into dry skin and other parched body parts like cuticles and hair.

And it’s safe for all skin types. Yes, even oily, acne-prone skin will benefit from this oil’s lightweight touch.

I’ve used argan oil alone and found it to absorb quickly and easily, putting it at the top of my go-to moisturizers. So, I was super excited to learn that argan is part of the stellar list of ingredients that make up our new Daily Moisturizer.

Nothing like adding a shot of anti-aging, hyper-moisturizing goodness to your shaving routine.

- Marisa

About a year ago, I read an Article by Ellen Byron in the Wall Street Journal about Gillette’s newest shaving system, just then being introduced into the Indian market. It wasn’t the multi-bladed tool (is that a razor or a lawnmower?) that we’ve come to expect with each new product launch from the big razor manufacturers. In fact, it was just the opposite: a single blade razor that costs just $0.11 (now just $0.09 at today’s exchange rate).

According to the article, the move was part of P&G’s “push into emerging markets for new customers and growth…forcing P&G to be more modest on scale and more flexible on price. Gillette commands about 70% of the world’s razor and blade sales, but it lags behind rivals in India and other developing markets, mainly because those consumers can’t afford to buy its flagship products.” (They aren’t alone!)

So the company reverse-engineered the product for the market. It determined what the Indian market could afford to pay and then adjusted the product features to meet an acceptable COGs and necessary margin.

How did they do it?

Again, according to the article, “To cut costs, P&G eliminated the lubrication strip and colorful handle designs Indian men weren’t willing to pay for. Though most men in the U.S. and Western Europe prefer a heavy razor handle, P&G found Indian men prefer a lighter weight, which also cut costs.”

I had to wonder – if Gillette could manufacture a razor blade that sold for 9-cents, how could they justify a five blade razor blade selling for $5 here in the U.S. (instead of a more reasonable $0.45)? How different could the blades themselves actually be?

The curiosity was too much for me. I had to see for myself. Thanks to eBay member vishalmarketonline, it only took a few clicks (and about two weeks delivery time) until I had my chance. When the package finally arrived, I had a few days of stubble – perfect timing. I tore the razor open and went right to task. It was definitely a cheap-looking razor handle – maybe $0.02 of material – but the single blade looked legitimate as far as I could tell and I was willing to give it a shot.

Taking my time, I found that that the blade performed surprisingly well on the first pass. As a shaver who is prone to ingrown hair, particularly around my neck, I had already changed my shaving regimen to include fewer blades which helped tremendously. Given that, I pushed for a second pass directly against the grain – something I never do. In the end, I have to concede that it gave me a great shave.

The cheap handle aside, for 9-cents, it was about the best price-performer razor with which I’ve shaved. [Full disclosure, the price came closer to $0.48 by the time it got shipped to me, but still way ahead of this.] A little post-shave moisturizer and I was out the door. No nicks, no burn, no bumps. 2012 is already off to a good start! Namaste.

- Stan

Whoa! Now I think I know why they are 9-cent blades. I stand by my the earlier post above wrt shave #1. That said, shave #2 with the same blade was bru-tal! My neck has never burned more and even three days later still looks like I was dragged neck first across a gravel driveway. These are one-shave blades for sure.


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