2012 is just hours away and I’m deep in resolution reflection. Yes, I hope to be a wiser, kinder, more interesting human being throughout the 365 days of the new year, but mostly I hope to shift the way I approach the little things — and to inspire others to do the same.

Like shaving. My tenure with Pacific Shaving has brought a heightened awareness to this daily task. I no longer look at the process of taking razor to skin as a simple chore. Through my own experiences navigating the bumps and curves of legs and underarms, I’ve learned just how challenging it can be to shave easily, to shave smoothly. And the gentlemen in my life have shown me how tough it can be to tame facial hair without nicks, razor burn or financial commitment (phew, razors are expensive!).

This year, I invite you to resolve to improve the way you shave. Make a commitment to your skin. It will thank you. Start by upgrading your shaving products. Choose a shaving cream or oil and after-shave moisturizer made from nothing but safe and natural ingredients. The skin is the body’s biggest organ — you want to feel good about what you put on it. Next, refuse to fall prey to the zillion dollar advertising campaigns of razor companies. Keep it simple. You don’t need seven blades to achieve a smooth shave. Really, you only need two. And keep that razor in tip-top shape with a daily dose of Blade Oil. You have the power to extend the life of your razor blade — a move that is good for the wallet and good for the earth. Then, opt for cold water when in the act. Cooler water helps prevent razor burn and irritation.

Resolve to improve your shave in 2012.

Happy New Year!

- Marisa

Today, as I prepared to hustle around town crossing last-minute gifts off my list, I decided to change my approach to this now yearly ritual. Instead of slinking away in shame, mumbling something about “running a quick errand or two,” I owned my slacker ways, admitting calmly and cooly that I had a few more gifts to pick up before the big day. No, I wouldn’t be buying extra candy canes for the tree. No, I wouldn’t be picking up the mozzarella for the antipasto. I would be running around looking for something special to stuff the stockings, something grand to gift.

I highly recommend this approach. If you plan to sneak away on Christmas Eve under the guise of something other than 24th hour present purchasing, come clean — and stay focused. Think easy, think different, think practical. If they’re past puberty give them all the gift of a stellar shave. Nick Sticks in the stockings, All Natural Shaving Cream and All Natural Shaving Oil under the tree. Blade Oil for the dude who thinks he has everything.

Visit our store locator at pacificshaving.com for a retailer near you.

Happy last minute shopping and Merry Christmas to all!

- Marisa

The Monkey Tail.

December 22, 2011

Monkeytail. Impressive.

One of the more impressive images that came up on my Google search for 'Monkey Tail Beards'.

I suppose the beard is to a shaving company what an apple is to a doctor. As a result, I unfortunately feel like I have to be anti-beard in my worldview as a matter of principle (or good business), even though I’m really not.

That said, once or twice each year I like to go unshaven for a couple weeks so that when I do finally shave I can rest assured that our products continue to stand up as real beard-busters. That time period always makes for some awkward questions from friends – as the guy who runs a shaving company, how can I not be clean shaven all the time?

The two-week periods inevitably also bring some fun conversations about beard shapes, sizes and creative ways of sculpting.

Enter the Monkey Tail. Introduced to me at a holiday party and this year’s winner by far.

It’s two parts creative, two parts creepy, one part awkward and one part awesome. You don’t want to stare at it, but you can’t look away either.

Of course, it only took one Google search to bring up pages of sites dedicated to this fad that is sweeping(?) the nation, though I have yet to actually find someone else who has heard of it.

When it came time to finally shave off my beard this morning, I couldn’t resist trying to sculpt the monkey tail. (lubricant of choice: shaving oil – so I could see where I was shaving.) I called my wife and kids into the bathroom so we could have a good laugh – but the fun stopped there. Definitely no going out in public like this for me. As quickly as it took its shape, it disappeared in a stream of whiskers down the drain. No photography allowed.

- Stan

Moisture Maximization

December 16, 2011

For years I’ve been puzzling over a simple, but very real conundrum: how to keep my just-shaved skin soft and smooth all day; how to maintain that supple, baby-butt sensation through the wear and tear of everyday living.

It seems my problem has been solved . . . and then some.

Leave it to the minds behind the ultimate shave to create the ultimate coordinating moisturizer. This stuff is the real deal — light, super hydrating and subtly scented (men, this means never again leaving the bathroom in a cloud of “morning rain” or “Irish fields”).

You can use this moisturizer anywhere you shave while ingredients like green tea and acai fruit extract deliver antioxidants for increasingly healthy skin.

Moisture maximization!

- Marisa

As 2012 approaches and you begin to draft your list of New Year’s Resolutions, don’t be afraid to put “no more razor rash” at the top.

Yes, this is your year to beat the painful red bumps that have been plaguing your shaving experience. Razor rash or burn or bumps — or pseudofolliculitis barbae if you want to get technical — form when hairs curl in on themselves and grow back into the skin. This process can lead to major irritation and breakouts. No fun at all.

The quickest way to avoid razor rash is to:

1) Use a high quality shaving product that lubricates the skin.

2) Shave with cold water. Really. Warm water opens up your pores, but it also draws the blood closer to the surface of the skin, which can lead to irritation. So go cold. (Out of the shower is recommended unless you need some serious cooling down.)

- Marisa


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