Love that a “Bureau” actually did research on this . . .

The Elias Sports Bureau followed the careers of three professional athletes to see if shaving routinely improved the way they played. The players in question: Johnny Damon, Freddy Garcia and Swisher.

The results:  Damon averaged nine more stolen bases clean-shaven, and nearly all of his career highs have come beardless; Garcia’s career ERA with facial hair is 4.34, shaved it is reduced to 3.60; and Swisher also has better numbers when clean shaven.

There you have it.


When it comes to sports, I’m not the savviest, but I don’t beat myself up about it. As with most things, I tend to take a somewhat clumsy, but honest approach, admitting my limitations.

That said, I HAD NO IDEA that athletes remain hairy during key games as some sort of protective, superstitious device. And as with many aspects of the sporting world, I find this super funny and strangely fascinating.

Take Tigers outfielder Brennan Boesch. I just love this quote, in yesterday’s Detroit Free Press:

“I’ve grown this beard here, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it,” Boesch told “I want to cut it pretty badly, but I keep getting hits so I’ve got to keep it going.”

The poor man is stuck with his facial hair because he keeps getting hits.

Ah, sports.

- Marisa

Totally Tubular

June 10, 2011

New Look for All Natural Shaving Cream

Our All Natural Shaving Cream has a new look. It’s still the same luxurious, super moisturizing stuff, only housed in a slick new tube.

I’m feeling this new design — so are the NYC friends who spotted the tubes on my desk this week (Duane Reade can satisfy your needs NYers!).

Sure, the jar was nice, but this pliable, 3-ounce tube slips easily into a toiletry kit or bathroom cabinet and looks awfully nice standing by the sink.

Try it.

- Marisa


Looks like les hommes of France are experiencing a barbershop revival on their home turf. “The ritual of shaving, once considered an irksome activity, is now becoming a moment of pleasure, especially when men employ the services of the real artists of facial hair: barbers,” writes Valérie Leboucq in Les Echos (translated here for your reading pleasure).

But apparently not all barbers are created equal. “The art of being a true barber is not as straightforward as it might seem,” writes Leboucq. Barber hopefuls must master the art of the straight razor by practicing on rubber balloons, but they also have to hone the art of conversation.

According to Les Echos, the barbershops of France are also poised to become women-free havens, a safe space for a man and his son to be, well . . . male.

Straight razors, good conversation and testosterone — don’t know a man who could resist.

- Marisa




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