The Year in Shaving

December 31, 2010

From the excessively bearded to the smooth and clean-shaven, what a year it’s been!

Here are my 2010 highlights from the worlds of shaving, razors and facial hair:

1. lumberjack beards – scruffy and hip — the saturation of which most likely brought on . . .

2. a national infatuation with Mad Men and its smooth-faced ad execs, which in turn led to . . .

3. the end of trendy facial hair and . . .

4. the demise of sexy stubble. Of course, all this shaving got us thinking about our blades. How many is too many and what company will win the . . .

5. blade war?

6. but some men chose to take shaving matters out of their own hands, to seek the help of a professional, to go old school. Enter (or re-enter) the barber shop (popping up on an urban corner near you) . . .

7. which breathed new life into the tough-guy straight razor and the fancy shaving brush and kick-started the era of the . . .

8. shaving app (what will I look like with a ZZ Top beard?) and . . .

9. random shaving accoutrements like the beardling and the . . .

10. weather-reporting shaving mirror.

Three cheers for 2010!

Now bring on 2011.

Happy New Year from your pals at Pacific Shaving!

- Marisa

you know you want it

Here’s my holiday thinking: why just give a gift when you can alter the way somebody shaves . . . forever?

This is why I’m all about our shaving oil. Yes, it’s a great product. Yes, it’s a killer stocking stuffer. Yes, I work for the company (if I’m disclosing all the way, my love of shaving oil is the reason I work for the company — more on that in a future blog post). But, for many it’s also a radically new way to approach shaving. I’ve been working for Pacific Shaving for a year and I still get a jolt from introducing — and converting — the uninitiated into the ways of shaving oil.

For those who associate shaving with a bulky can of shaving cream (I find that men are particularly attached to all that fluffy stuff on their blade), the move to shaving oil can be truly unchartered territory. What? What’s this? I can see where I’m shaving? No, that can’t be right.

Oh, but it’s true. And it’s right. And you’re never going back.

Shaving oil is a everything you’ve ever wanted in a shaving experience. You can see where you’re shaving. Your chin remains nick-free (or knees — ladies, shaving oil is supreme for legs and underarms). And your skin will be super moisturized all day.

For the few who refuse to go the way of the oil . . . I send them here.

Happy holidays!

- Marisa





Is there a particularly distinguished gentleman in your life? Do you dread the thought of presenting said gentleman with a holiday gift?

Really. Ask yourself: What do you get the man who’s always spiffily dressed? Whose shoes are always shined? Whose chin is always buffed and clean-shaven?

I know!

I know, I know, I know!

You get him a Dovo Silvertip shaving brush with an olivewood handle.

If he already uses a shaving brush, he’ll toss his old one without looking back.

If he doesn’t use a shaving brush, he will now.

For extra points, throw in a jar of our low-lather shaving cream — ideal for application with a luxurious brush made from slivertip badger hair.

Now cross that gentleman off your list.

- Marisa


Want to shave your head, but not sure what your shorn scalp will do to your face (will your nose look bigger? will your chin look longer?).

Why take the risk?

Check out your hair-free head before shaving it off, with Head Blade’s awesome iPhone app. Using a picture of you, the easy app lets you play with a variety of hairstyles (or shows you what you’ll look like with the ultimate un-hairstyle).

For the facial-hair-curious, Panasonic lets you experiment with the goatee, stache or full beard of your choice with its Beard Buster app.

Both of these apps are free, which may technically take them out of the gift-giving category, but they’re funny and sort of useful and if nothing else, will make great holiday party conversation starters.

Awkward moment near the egg nog station? Start talking shaving app.

Trust me.

- Marisa

Deep thoughts.

December 3, 2010


I met with husband/wife design team Heejung Yoon and Ryan Carnrick this afternoon at the recommendation of my good friend Bibby Gignilliat. They were kind enough to bring a small gift which has got me thinking. Which I believe was the whole point.  It’s a journal that begins on January 1, 2011 and counts down 720 days until December 21, 2012.

So here’s what I’ve just learned: on 12/21/2012, we will all experience a truly galactic moment. On that day, the sun will be at the exact center of the entire galaxy. The entire Milky Way (including earth and sun) will align at a point that is known as the galactic equator. This happens only once every 25,000 years. That’s 25 thousand years.

My curiosity piqued, I searched a bit online about this phenomenon. Some think the event may cause a shift in the magnetic poles, resulting in massive destruction. Others, including the Mayans, believe the center of the galaxy is the cosmic womb – a place of death, transformation and rebirth.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around what a Y2K doomsday scenario will look like two years from now (I haven’t even started to get my holiday cards out), but there is definitely some small part of me that really likes the idea of the new year starting a 720-day journey to the center of the/my galaxy. What can I achieve in 720 days? As the journal suggests – Who will I be when I get there?



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